Centre for Leadership and Volunteer Work

Developing Volunteering and Charity at HSE University

About our Centre

HSE Volunteer Centre is a big community of passionate students, alumni, and employees of HSE University. The Centre has been extremely helpful since its inception in the midst of the pandemic, when it aided HSE employees and the elder generation from the Moscow Longevity social initiative. Moreover, the Volunteer Centre initiatied the Digital Assistant project.

Centre’s volunteers are now taking part in organizing HSE’s major events such as HSE Open Day. They also help our partners and NGOs with conducting a lot of conferences and activities. In addition, volunteers chat with elderly in English and French and write about charity and volunteering on social media.

So far, HSE Volunteer Centre has recruited volunteers for the Army Games, HSE Day, HSE Open Day, Yasin’s (April) conferences, Charity Xmas and Telling Stories festivals, events for charitable foundations Vera, Best Buddies, Vverkh and many more.

You can even be a part of the Centre online! Our volunteers help pupils from all over Russia to build their knowledge of multiple subjects from the school curriculum. We are certain that volunteering is cool, interesting, and important for HSE University as well as for the volunteers themselves.

Head of the Centre Anfisa Shminke and deputy director of the Centre Anna Martynenko in the office
Head of the Centre Anfisa Shminke and deputy director of the Centre Anna Martynenko in the office
Photo: Elizaveta Brednyaya

Our team

Contact for partnerships and service-learning implementation: asdmitrieva@hse.ru,
+7 (495) 772-95-90*16658, Telegram: @danfs
Anna Martynenko

Deputy Director

Contact for partnerships, volunteer recruiting, SMM and PR of the Centre: amartynenko@hse.ru,
+7 (495) 772-95-90*27626, Telegram: @annaelwow
Arina Andreeva


Contact for event volunteering and sport projects: aa.andreeva@hse.ru, +7 (495) 772-95-90*27952, Telegram: @calm_arina
Adel Fayzullina


Contact for event volunteering, environmental and camp counselors projects: ar.fayzullina@hse.ru, Telegram: @adeletka
Ekaterina Pavlova


Contact for event volunteering and charitable projects: eipavlova@hse.ru, Telegram: @pavlovaekaterin
Contact for projects for elderly people: yvelichko@hse.ru, Telegram: @VelichkoYu
Andrey Zlenko