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Developing Volunteering and Charity at HSE University

Charitable projects

Visit of schoolchildren with visual impairments, May 13-15, 2022
Visit of schoolchildren with visual impairments, May 13-15, 2022
Photo: Anton Malinovsky

The Volunteer Centre actively cooperates with the non-profit sector – foundations, charitable centers and other organizations.

At the beginning of winter, the Charity Xmas festival will be held for the third time. In 2020, a five-day festival was held online. It was dedicated to what is important right now: helping people during a pandemic, helping victims of domestic violence, blood donation and so on. The festival brought together charitable student organizations at HSE University and ten Russian non-profit organizations and features many important topics and activities. Over the past two years, the festival has partnered with such foundations and organizations as Nuzhna Pomosch’, Vera (support for hospices), Starost’ v radost’ (support for seniors in old age homes), Lavka radostey, Best Buddies, Nasiliu.net (against domestic violence) and many others.

Meeting with Nyuta Federmesser, November 5, 2020
Meeting with Nyuta Federmesser, November 5, 2020
Photo: Mikhail Dmitriev

Volunteers of the Volunteer Centre take part in online meetings with people with mental and physical disabilities in partnership with the Center for Curative Pedagogy. The aim is to improve the image and reception of people with disabilities on social media You can read volunteers' feedback on the project in HSE's news.

Holding joint educational events Is an important element of our partnership with NGOs – together we conduct lectures, seminars, and discussions. The Volunteer Centre held a lecture on palliative care with the founder of the Vera foundation, Nyuta Federmesser. We are open to proposals from NGOs for cooperation and joint activities.

We also provide assistance to wards and employees of the Center for Equal Opportunities for Orphans Vverch. Volunteers tutor teenagers and young adults who needed to improve their knowledge of some school subjects. Classes were held individually in an online format. The volunteers also helped transcribe various interviews of the Center so that later these texts would be used in news items. We are planning even more joint projects.